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about the promotion of volunteer activities


The public organization “DOBROBAT – a volunteer budding battalion”, realizing its statutory goals, in particular the head of Smirnov Rostislav Volodymyrovich (given by the Organization), which is on the basis of the Statute, on the one hand, that person, who was awarded the division for the purpose of declare about the arrival, in the distant “Volunteer”, from the other side, collectively named as the Side, and dermatologically as the Side, laid down this Agreement on the implementation of volunteer activity (here in after – the Agreement) about the next:




1.1. Volunteer activity is voluntary, socially directed, non-profit activity, which is created by volunteers in the way of volunteer assistance. Volunteer activities are based on the principles of legality, humanity, equivalence, goodwill, safety, non-profitability.
1.2. A volunteer is a physical person who voluntarily contributes socially to a non-profit activity through a path of providing volunteer assistance.




2.1. This agreement is the agreement according to 634 article of the Civil Code of Ukraine and may be more than ways for the Volunteer to come to all minds in general, to complete the application for admission on the website of the NGO «Dobrobat» apply for admission (
2.2. The agreement is in keeping with the method of recruiting volunteer assistants (volunteers) for volunteer assistance (executing of work, service and other support)
• Responsibility for activities for defending of people, who suffered as a result of the military invasion of the Russian Federation;
• Responsibility for activities directed at the rebuilding of settlements that suffered as the result of military operations;
• Carrying out other activities that correspond to the purpose of the Organization’s activities.
2.3. According to this Agreement, the Volunteer is responsible for the organization’s tasks, especially free of charge, to provide volunteer assistance, and the line established in the agreement, and the Organization is obliged to provide the volunteer with the opportunity to carry out volunteer activities.
2.4. Volunteer assistance is due from the moment of completion of the Application for admission to this Agreement.




3.1. Volunteer may:
3.1.1. Take the necessary mind for the development of volunteer work, security, protection of legal rights and interests for the hour of volunteer work.
3.1.2. Take away the full and reliable information about the order and use of volunteer help.
3.1.3. Compliance with legislative and instructive materials, taking into account the necessary for the work of consultations in the event of an emergency of the Organization.
3.1.4. Take the fate of the trained volunteers who are building the Organization.
3.1.5. Take into account the Organizing documents (advice, recommendations, etc.) according to the character, quality, commitment of the worker and the necessary level of qualification of the volunteer.
3.1.6. Take part in a robotic volunteer group, make proposals for various forms and methods of volunteer assistance to the Organization.
3.1.7. Stop his volunteer help.
3.2. Volunteer has duty:
3.2.1. Proceed to volunteer activities, including on the territory, during the day of active combat missions, and on de-occupied territories, only after being provided with emergency services on the subject of the availability of vibro-insecure subjects.
3.2.2. Know the mission, command and principles of the Organization’s activity and strive for it, support the authority of the Organization.
3.2.3. Carefully, it’s time to tie the bindings, tie with the provision of volunteer activity.
3.2.4. Take an active part in a robotic volunteer group.
3.2.5. Get ahead of your volunteer help in 2 days.
3.2.6. In case, appointed by legislation, go through a medical examination and give a final check on the state of health;
3.2.7. If necessary, go through further training (retraining);
3.2.8. Do not allow activities that can negatively affect the reputation of a volunteer;
3.2.9. Taking the legal regime of information with access;
3.2.10. At the time of the unilateral termination of the contract with the initiative of the volunteer, direct clashes have been made, heads of him;
3.2.11. To compensate property damage caused as a result of his volunteer activities, in accordance with the law.
3.3. The organization has the right to:
3.3.1. Prompt the Volunteer to change the type of help.
3.3.2. Seen in the service of a Volunteer, as if you do not fulfill your duties.
3.3.3. Eliminate the Volunteer’s name is about executing of work.
3.3.4. Ask for the Volunteer’s practice.
3.3.5. Enter personal information about the Volunteer to the database of volunteers in the Organization.
3.4. Organization:
3.4.1. Explain to the Volunteer his rights and obligations.
3.4.2. Give the Volunteer the necessary mind for the fulfilling of the crops taken by him.
3.4.3. Give the Volunteer the full and reliable information necessary for the visit
3.4.4. Documentally confirm the Volunteer’s authority, in accordance with the assistance provided by him.
3.4.5. Resolve conflict situations that arise in the process of volunteer assistance. 3.4.6. Monitor the performance of work by the Volunteer.




4.1. The Parties are responsible for non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of their obligations under this Agreement in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.
4.2. In case of disclosure of confidential information, the volunteer assumes all responsibility for causing damage.




5.1. This Agreement enters into force from the moment the Volunteer fills out the Application for Joining and is valid until one of the Parties to the Agreement gives notice of its termination.
5.2. The validity of this Agreement shall be terminated immediately in case of receiving information about the volunteer’s public support for the military aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, membership in terrorist organizations or their public support, support for the activities of the terrorist groups “DPR”, “LPR” and the occupation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.




6.1. All contradictions and disagreements that have arisen during the execution of this Agreement shall be resolved on the basis of mutual agreement through negotiations.




7.1. In the event of force majeure circumstances, under which the Party cannot fully or partially fulfill its obligations under this Agreement due to an accident or force majeure, the deadline for the fulfillment of obligations is postponed for the time during which such circumstances will be in effect, but not more than for one month. Force majeure circumstances include: fires, natural disasters, blockades, strikes, the adoption of laws or the adoption of other normative legal acts that prevent the fulfillment of the terms of this Agreement.




8.1. This Agreement is concluded by accession in accordance with Art. 634 of the Civil Code of Ukraine;
8.2. In cases not provided for in this Agreement, the Parties are governed by the current legislation of Ukraine.
8.3. All risks related to the quality of volunteer assistance under this Agreement are taken by the volunteer.
8.4. In case of mutual agreement, the Parties may change individual provisions of this Agreement.
8.5. The Volunteer grants the NGO “Dobrobat” the right to collect, process and use the Volunteer’s personal data.
8.6. NGO “Dobrobat” may reimburse the expenses related to the provision of volunteer assistance upon a written request of the Volunteer and upon prior approval.

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